i used to think where are you tonight don't forget walk alone perfect day misunderstood and i staring at her and i've been watching ships sail through my head half alive eyes of a real missed tragedy time if falls apart last song my thoughts close my eyes would you come to me there comes a light don't hurt me i belong forget the feelings your love unimagined fate stay nobody's business


eyes of a real missed tragedy
lies please take me away
eyes of a real missed tragedy
lies and it was all a stage

and i drank your poison
kissed on by borrowed lips
your taste such a sweet remorse
crawling through my veins

your breath still alive
your touch resides
feelings iíve missed
a resistance iíve dissed
changing and moving and never explaining
your actions act as a wild treat
going nowhere believing weíre somewhere
trusting the moment that got me there
that got me nowhere

today, iíll reminisce
your voice trapped in my kiss
but tomorrow canít be like this
for these days i will not forget