i used to think where are you tonight don't forget walk alone perfect day misunderstood and i staring at her and i've been watching ships sail through my head half alive eyes of a real missed tragedy time if falls apart last song my thoughts close my eyes would you come to me there comes a light don't hurt me i belong forget the feelings your love unimagined fate stay nobody's business


this is the last song, i will write for you
this is the last song, where i wrote my first one
this is the last time i will feel for you
touching me only in my dreams

hold my heart and never let it touch the ground
close your hand now and stop the bleeding

this is the last song, i promise you
well, really it痴 more of a promise for me
this is the part when i begin to scream
i feel lonely, i feel weak

my throat stuck with feelings
so swollen they can稚 get out
my memories trapped in color
for all the world to see

but this time i am writing my last song
my last hope for moving on
and in this song i知 not singing to you
i知 singing to me a simple melody

so take this last song
and put it up where it belongs
i知 not so sweet, i知 not so innocent
i知 not going to say nice things that i don稚 believe

but i will tell you this
this is my last song
this is my last song
can you hear me singing my last song

make me better, make me sleep
fuck that shit, i知 complete
this is my last song
my ode to hate
change is everything, change is great

this is my last song
words i値l choke on
for every last song
i sung another one
but this, this is my LAST SONG today