i used to think where are you tonight don't forget walk alone perfect day misunderstood and i staring at her and i've been watching ships sail through my head half alive eyes of a real missed tragedy time if falls apart last song my thoughts close my eyes would you come to me there comes a light don't hurt me i belong forget the feelings your love unimagined fate stay nobody's business


would you walk around until you found me
would you hold your breath until i kissed you
would you carve my name beneath your skin
would you do for me what i would do for you

would you lie to me to keep me longer
would you cheat on me to feed your hunger
would you call me up just to hear my voice sigh
why would you do to me what i'd never do to you

and i know that the pieces never fit together
and i know you were spending time till next month's flavor
but you knew that this would never last forever
and still you saw the deepness of the scars you caused
you became to me but i never became to you

would you promise me the world and then leave
would you pick me up to throw me down
would you wipe my eyes to stop the crying
would you ever know why you do the things you do

would you stand in the rain until i joined you
would you lie on my chest to hear my heart beat
would you wake up late just to stay close to me
would you see your life with mine or are we threw