i used to think where are you tonight don't forget walk alone perfect day misunderstood and i staring at her and i've been watching ships sail through my head half alive eyes of a real missed tragedy time if falls apart last song my thoughts close my eyes would you come to me there comes a light don't hurt me i belong forget the feelings your love unimagined fate stay nobody's business


where are you tonight
the rainís crashing down around me
i havenít felt your body
crawling over mine

naked from the start
you used to want to hold me
but now my mind is lost
chasing memories i wish to be forgot

the truth was never found
words spoken from your lips
i tried to never care
touching feelings that werenít there

come mystify this craving
that burns inside
feverís running high
as it did last night

all i want to feel
are your fingerprints on my skin