i used to think where are you tonight don't forget walk alone perfect day misunderstood and i staring at her and i've been watching ships sail through my head half alive eyes of a real missed tragedy time if falls apart last song my thoughts close my eyes would you come to me there comes a light don't hurt me i belong forget the feelings your love unimagined fate stay nobody's business


and iíve been watching ships sail through my head
cross the oceans land to the other side we stand

and iíve been talking too long to write my thoughts down
chasing down a dream that has yet to be found

long conversations never got you anywhere
looking for a home to hang your thoughts to dry

near an empty desk my head lies down to rest

itís not too late to start again
itís not too late to make amends

share a cup of wine
comfort to my mind
my heartís an open door
always wanting more