i cannot feel circles and circles i have pretended lost beneath voices of familiar faces crossing tears broken strings like a child release me stop asking these questions tonight he saw me let it go pictures of you magic kisses i have walked down these roads i always wanted to believe there were times i thought i knew it all hollow fears i'm not waiting for you take me back tell me stories i've tapped into a perosonality pretend to see me through my eyes notice me for one fucking time just tell me to stop another story if you told me what to say i want to wash away


circles and circles no end is near
drifting away i am far from clear
hopeless torments derives the other pleasure
i fall, i tumble
spinning in lost confusion winds me around
never do i see me free
bars of guilt of painful memories
sting at all times
there i see a light or perhaps a mirage
still i go
and make myself seen
by my inconsistent dreams i want to run
away from my own
explosions have become too familiar to undo
sometimes weakness wins and sadness drips long
but how do you let go
of what it is you
are used to
the cycle never begins it runs constantly through
happiness is sometimes but remorse is always
permanency has its way
time moves ahead
i am stuck
i am trapped
i am my own key out for reasons i donít know
i canít undo the locks
thereby i stay half willing half dying
my skin crawls with fear
my heart aches for love
my mind cannot connect
second to second i am haunted
by myself
the darkness looms over day
i sometimes feel my fault is my own
but actions fail me not
i am my own
and there repeats a pattern
a cookie i always eat
i want to be full
i want to be complete