i cannot feel circles and circles i have pretended lost beneath voices of familiar faces crossing tears broken strings like a child release me stop asking these questions tonight he saw me let it go pictures of you magic kisses i have walked down these roads i always wanted to believe there were times i thought i knew it all hollow fears i'm not waiting for you take me back tell me stories i've tapped into a perosonality pretend to see me through my eyes notice me for one fucking time just tell me to stop another story if you told me what to say i want to wash away


take me back
to memories of a phantom past
where rain drops dripped
into hearts not of broken glass

pull me in
to dreams not of blurry screams
but rather kisses of a golden hour
where i can suckle on a honey petaled flower

my thoughts run an imagination wild
my lips breathe where i wish to be devoured

take me back
to my relationship as a child
where my feelings grew
for someone i wished now i knew