i cannot feel circles and circles i have pretended lost beneath voices of familiar faces crossing tears broken strings like a child release me stop asking these questions tonight he saw me let it go pictures of you magic kisses i have walked down these roads i always wanted to believe there were times i thought i knew it all hollow fears i'm not waiting for you take me back tell me stories i've tapped into a perosonality pretend to see me through my eyes notice me for one fucking time just tell me to stop another story if you told me what to say i want to wash away


i hung on to broken strings
i felt the frayed edges against my cheek
i never wanted to fall
i never wanted to see
voices always said
reflections of past repeats in time
but i knew better
i was changing time
i want to damn the history inside of him
i want to scream his name in vain
i want his happiness to stop nourishing my emptiness
my heart bleeds before me puddles of pain
i wrinkle my skin with uncontrollably wet thoughts
i feel traded for a one week fling
and the new card wins
new images are made to be seen
no more secret games
no more hiding of me
all the old rules are gone and none have taken itsí place
i am jealous, i am raged
i wanted to never feel shame
now i lay here humiliated
grieving over what was never mine
sulking over what was made through time
my emotions have been peeled raw
iím tired of the scabs they cause
before me and behind me lye a trail of untouched tears
kill my memories and reduce the sad
for they only make me feel
feelings he never had